Diagnocat AI

Dentist's virtual assistant in treatment planning

AI service analyzing dental images: 3D CBCT’s, Panoramic X-rays, bitewing, and periapical radiographs

AI helps to minimize errors in dentistry

Diagnocat allows dentists to:



AI sets you apart from other dental offices
Diagnocat elevates your armamentarium



Improves the communication with your patients while significantly raising your case acceptance



Diagnocat AI uploads all forms of dental imagery from your existing imaging systems. Reports are completed in seconds, for 2D images, and in minutes for 3D images.  The AI generated,2D reports are completed in seconds while the AI-3D images are available in only a few minutes.

How Diagnocat AI works

Seamless integration between your images and Diagnocat’s AI detection reports

Clinical Decision Support

Leading edge AI highlights anatomical areas, common findings and previous treatments for each individual tooth, checking for over 65 conditions


Diagnocat produces automatic AI-based reports resulting in improved quality control, proper file documentation and immediate presentation to your patient


Diagnocat provides 24/7 access to the images and the AI reports from any device

About service

New AI experience
for dentists and their patients

Independent 2nd opinion

Diagnocat AI analysis serves as your independent support and establishes a higher level of trust between the patient and the doctor

Original Reports

Diagnocat AI reports provide a detailed description of each tooth which can be easily understood by non-professionals. A unique way to provide patients with their comprehensive oral health assessment

Patient engagement section

Fully automatic segmentation allows both patient and professional to visualize the patient’s specific anatomic features and concerns while explaining your proposed solutions to patients concerns while explaining your proposed solutions to patients

It helps patients to connect their oral cavity conditions with a recommended treatment plan

Creation of trust

Diagnocat AI elevates the trust between the patient and the dental professionals while it helps to motivate the patients to adopt the treatment plan presented

Discover which solution fits your practice

Radiology Report
Diagnocat’s AI analysis of intraoral X-rays, panoramic X-rays (OPGs), and CBCT images produces an accurate, clear, and concise report of over 65 conditions.
Cloud and Viewer
All dental images and reports are in your cloud-based personal account and may be viewed, uploaded, shared, or printed from any device. Information may be shared with your peers, even if they are not Diagnocat users. Diagnocat supports both Windows and Mac.
CBCT Segmentation
Automatic segmentation can convert a CBCT file into a 3D STL model, essential for working with digital dentistry.
Collaboration Tool
collaboration tool
The Diagnocat AI’s Platform for Comprehensive Treatment Plan Management. Let Diagnocat become your virtual assistant within the dental clinic. Diagnocat will support the clinical director in organizing the interaction amongst the specialists to create and successfully implement a comprehensive treatment plan.


Dr. Vladi Dvoyris

Tel Aviv, Israel

I’m using Diagnocat for almost a year, and what seemed like science fiction, became an inseparable part of my daily work with CBCT scans. Diagnocat allows me to provide better, more precise diagnoses, even at the end of a long and hard workday, improves the dental treatment I provide and empowers me professionally, in the eyes of my patients and my colleagues alike. Working with Diagnocat every day, I see new and interesting abilities appear, and I think this is a real revolution, taking dental diagnosis and CBCT interpretation to the 21st century. I wish Diagnocat continued growth and success. Your success is our success.

Dr. Guillermo Manzano Martínez

CPO, Digital Smile Design Group, Spain

For me, Diagnocat is an absolutely revolutionary tool. It allows dentists to make X-ray diagnostics very fast and accurately. For me, such tools that allow not only to treat, but also to carry out correct and predictable diagnostics – it is the future.

Dr. Hamid Shukoor

Owner Medenta Oral & Dental Care, Kabul, Afghanistan

I use the online Diagnocat software for my CBCT analysis. It is the best software that gives you accurate reports regarding your case. We are very happy to use that software and prefer it to all.


Top-class dentist and oral radiologists involved


Teeth annotated


Years for research and technology development​


Screening accuracy​

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