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Diagnocat presenta una gama de soluciones adaptadas a las diferentes necesidades de tu consulta odontológica.

Radiology Report

Diagnocat’s AI analysis of intraoral X-rays, panoramic X-rays (OPGs), and CBCT images produces an accurate, clear, and concise report of over 65 conditions.

CBCT Segmentation

Diagnocat AI's automatic segmentation feature transforms CBCT files into a 3D STL model, a pivotal innovation for digital dentistry.

Cloud storage and Viewer

All dental images and reports are securely stored in your cloud-based personal account, accessible for viewing, uploading, sharing, or printing from any device.

Collaboration Tool*

Introducing Diagnocat’s Platform for Comprehensive Treatment Plan Management that transforms our AI into your virtual dental clinic assistant.
Collaboration Tool

Specialists Reports*

*The availability of Diagnocat products is limited in various countries. Please contact us to check availability in your country.
Diagnocat offers a range of specialist reports including the third molar, orthodontic, implantology, and endodontic reports, easily accessible through the platform.
specialists report


Our superimposition feature offers dental specialists an enhanced view of their patient's oral cavities by combining the advantages of CBCT and intra-oral imagery.

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Anwendung und Nutzen KI-basierter Programme in der Behandlungsplanung und Patientenkommunikation
Upcoming webinar
April 23, 2024 |
5:00 pm
Anwendung und Nutzen KI-basierter Programme in der Behandlungsplanung und Patientenkommunikation
Dr. Kaan Orhan
Upcoming webinar
May 16, 2024 |
5:00 pm
Unlocking Radiological Insights: AI Application in Panoramic Imaging

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