AI-Driven Assessment: Navigating Your Initial Implantology Appointment

Date and Time

June 6, 2024
5:00 pm



Online workshop centered on the revolutionary use of Diagnocat in initial implantology patient encounters. This workshop will illustrate how Diagnocat, a cutting-edge AI-powered diagnostic tool, can alter and improve the diagnostic process in implantology, allowing you to give more accurate and individualized treatment regimens to your patients.

During this course, you will learn how to use Diagnocat’s powerful AI algorithms to efficiently analyze dental photos, identify potential concerns, and effectively explain findings to patients. By implementing Diagnocat into your clinic, you may simplify the diagnostic process, improve treatment outcomes, and increase patient happiness.

Key Workshop Highlights:

  • An introduction to Diagnocat’s advanced AI-powered diagnostic capabilities.
  • Case examples that demonstrate Diagnocat’s impact on treatment planning and patient communication.
  • Practical demonstrations of how to use Diagnocat during initial implantology patient appointments.
  • Q&A session.


Dr. Diogo Viegas
Professor Faculty of Dental Medicine of Lisbon


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AI-Driven Assessment: Navigating Your Initial Implantology Appointment
Upcoming webinar
June 6, 2024 |
5:00 pm
AI-Driven Assessment: Navigating Your Initial Implantology Appointment

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