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Introducing Diagnocat’s Platform for Comprehensive Treatment Plan Management that transforms our AI into your virtual dental clinic assistant.
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Diagnocat assists clinics coordinate collaboration among specialists to develop and implement comprehensive treatment plans.

Enables simultaneous clinical discussions involving multiple specialists.

Specialists can participate remotely from their computers or mobile phones

Facilitates effective resolution of complex medical issues through a collaborative effort.

Saves the utilization of staff and clinical resources, and, most importantly, time.

Benefits and Features

You`ll have access to:

Single storage file for each patient`s images

Storage for clinical photographs

Clinical task assignment tool

Built-in messenger

Single storage for patient images

Diagnocat systematically organizes all images, ensuring easy accessibility for the doctor and the team. Diagnocat AI allows other specialists to view these images from any device.

Your clinical team will have 24-hour remote access to the database, regardless of their physical location

Browser-based viewing of CBCT and intraoral scans, eliminating the need for specialized software

Tailored storage options for all specialists

Single storage for patient images

Storage for clinical images

Automatic photo type recognition

Effortless updating of the photography database with the autoload module

Intuitive folder structure for easy navigation

Establishing a team of doctors

The Collaboration Tool streamlines communication between the lead dentist and other professionals, providing better efficiency, structure, and organization.

Doctors receive email invitations, creating a documented trail of communication

Consistent format for assigning clinical tasks

External consultants are also welcome through invitation

Clinical Task Assignment Tool

Consolidated storage for all diagnoses and treatment plans featuring a convenient system for sorting, reporting, and tracking each patient`s treatment process.

All the on-going treatments are accessible on a single page for easy reference.

Simplified management of the treatment process

Built-in deadline tracker for efficient task management

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Diagnocat presents a range of solutions tailored to the different needs of your dental practice.

Radiology Report

Diagnocat’s AI analysis of intraoral X-rays, panoramic X-rays (OPGs), and CBCT images produces an accurate, clear, and concise report of over 65 conditions.

CBCT Segmentation

Diagnocat AI's automatic segmentation feature transforms CBCT files into a 3D STL model, a pivotal innovation for digital dentistry.

Cloud storage and Viewer

All dental images and reports are securely stored in your cloud-based personal account, accessible for viewing, uploading, sharing, or printing from any device.

Specialists Reports*

*The availability of Diagnocat products is limited in various countries. Please contact us to check availability in your country.
specialists report
Diagnocat offers a range of specialist reports including the third molar, orthodontic, implantology, and endodontic reports, easily accessible through the platform.


Our superimposition feature offers dental specialists an enhanced view of their patient's oral cavities by combining the advantages of CBCT and intra-oral imagery.

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