Our superimposition feature offers dental specialists an enhanced view of their patient's oral cavities by combining the advantages of CBCT and intra-oral imagery.
Diagnocat offers a fully automated segmentation of DICOM files, specifically CBCT scans, enabling the seamless creation of precise 3D STL models. The comprehensive segmentation of various anatomical structures, including soft tissues, teeth, jaw components, sinuses, cranial base, and airways, provides professionals with clearer insights for informed decision-making.  When the dental specialist possesses an intraoral scan, Diagnocat AI seamlessly merges CBCT and IOS data, generating a unified model extensively utilized in digital dentistry treatment planning.

Automatic superimposition of STL models and intraoral scanning data includes:

Precise fusion of models across three distinct coordinates: CBCT, intraoral scan, and zero index.

Extensive customization options for reports.

Rapid generation of superimposed models

Instant export of models for use in digital planning programs

This service features:

Report generation within 5 minutes

Option to create complete anatomical models or focus on specific areas of interest

User-friendly online 3D viewer

Color coding of anatomical structures

Effortless export functionality

Cloud-based data storage accessible universally

Seamless collaboration among healthcare professionals

Direct data sharing capabilities with peers

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