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The future is here! We firmly believe in AI's vital role as a valuable assistant to dental professionals and a trusted companion for patients.

Diagnocat was conceived by forward-thinking professionals who envisioned a future of error-free dentistry. Its founders possess an intimate understanding of the dental profession, coupled with unique expertise and education, empowering them to develop and actualize AI's potential.

Extensive engineering

Diagnocat is built upon extensive engineering and comprehensive dental expertise, which act as the basis for every diagnosis and treatment plan.

State-of-the-art evaluations

Diagnocat helps dental professionals provide state-of-the-art evaluations and case appropriate treatment plans. The world’s best dental clinics use our products.

Our Mission

As the technology leader in Dental AI, Diagnocat strives to support digital dentists with state of the art, AI-led tools, introducing a forward-thinking approach for exceptional oral healthcare.


How Diagnocat was founded

Alex Sanders, one of its key founders, holds a PhD in Prosthodontics and has accumulated over 23 years of experience in dentistry.

During his career as a clinician, he founded a network of premium dental clinics for children and adults, hiring and working alongside talented associates within the field. Alex identified gaps, in what was then considered the standard of care of dental diagnostics, where human factors led to diagnostic errors and omissions from diagnoses. To address this problem, Alex studied the latest developments and research in the dental field to improve the effectiveness of his own dental clinics.
Together, with an international team of engineers, Alex developed the AI-led software that now powers Diagnocat.
Finally, the challenge of dental diagnostic errors was being tackled using cutting-edge technology, and in 2017, Alex named this tool Diagnocat – short for Diagnosis and Computer-Aided Treatment.
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I couldn’t believe that by just uploading a dental radiograph image, the AI could accurately detect all lesions on the image within a fraction of the time.
Alex Sanders
Diagnocat co-founder

Diagnocat DNA

What Makes Us Unique?

Diagnocat is a future-driven company with a diverse team of specialists, dentists and engineers

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Technological Expertise

Unrivaled technological knowledge and enterprise-grade support enables us to set the highest standards. Diagnocat’s AI simplifies both common and complex tasks.
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Continuous Development

With dedicated and continuous AI development, Diagnocat has become a trendsetter in the industry.

Proven Experience

With customer needs at the core its technology, Diagnocat continues to serve multiple dental clinics worldwide, by creating future forward AI-based solutions.

Diagnocat's Competitive Advantages

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Diagnocat AI stands out by screening conditions in 2D and 3D scans across Primary, Mixed, and Permanent Dentition. It operates as cloud-based software, guaranteeing unlimited storage and 24/7 accessibility from any device.

Get in touch with our sales and support team to take advantage of our flexible subscription plans, designed to accommodate your evolving clinical practice needs as it grows.

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Our values:

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