Case study – orthodontic treatment plan for tooth extrusion

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Updated: March 20, 2024
Published: August 9, 2023

We present a case of tooth extrusion 15(Universal 4) using an orthodontic construction to increase its clinical crown height. This will allow us to preserve the tooth and proceed with its prosthetic treatment

1 13

The patient came with complaints of mobility of dental bridge on teeth 14 (Universal 5) and 15 (Universal)

2 6

To make a clinical decision, the doctor analyzed the examination data and the radiological report Diagnocat. The report includes an assessment of the previous treatment and information on the presence of sings of periapical radiolucency

3 8

Pay attention to the high probability percentage that Diagnocat suggests. The decision was made to preserve the teeth and perform endodontic retreatment 

4 10

Endodontic treatment was performed

5 9

A sufficient volume of hard tissues was obtained above the gum level, which ensured the creation of a ferrule effect. The first stage of prosthetic rehabilitation was completed by the fixation of the temporary crowns

6 5


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