The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence for Clinical Collaboration - Streamlining Diagnosis and Creating Treatment Plans

Webinar for dentists

11, April 5 pm CET

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The Diagnocat AI platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing treatment plans, with features that can benefit dental clinics and their staff. With Diagnocat as your virtual assistant, you can efficiently organize and collaborate with specialists to create and implement treatment plans that meet the needs of each patient.

One of the key features of Diagnocat is its Collaboration Tool, which enables multiple specialists to discuss clinical cases simultaneously. By remotely connecting through a computer or mobile phone, specialists can collaborate effectively without being physically present in the clinic. This helps to save staff resources and solve complex problems more efficiently.

Some of the benefits and features of using Diagnocat's Collaboration Tool include:
  • A single storage file for individual patient images
  • Storage for clinical photographs
  • Customized patient profiles with pictures
  • A cohesive team of doctors
  • Clinical task assignment tool
  • Built-in messenger
  • AI virtual assistant

During a webinar, you can learn more about how Diagnocat can improve collaboration among dental professionals and help streamline treatment planning. With Diagnocat's comprehensive features, managing treatment plans has never been easier.

Professor Dr. Alex Sanders

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