Collaboration Tool

Platform for Comprehensive Treatment Plan Management. Virtual assistant to the dental clinic director in organizing the interaction between specialists to create and successfully implement a comprehensive treatment plan.
collaboration tool

The Diagnocat Collaboration Tool allows involving multiple specialists at once in the discussion of a clinical case. To do this, they can connect remotely, from a computer or mobile phone, without being present in the clinic. The tool helps solve complex problems effectively and save staff resources.

Benefits and Features

Collaboration Tool
  • Single storage for patient images 
  • Storage for clinical photographs 
  • Customized patient profile pictures in the database
  • Building a team of doctors 
  • Clinical task assignment tool 
  • Built-in messenger 
  • AI-based findings assistant 

Single storage for patient images

Diagnocat organizes all images so that the doctor can easily find them, provide access to them for another specialist and view them from any device.

Collaboration Tool
  • 24-hour remote access to the database, regardless of location 
  • Viewing CBCT and intraoral scans in the browser, without special software 
  • Suitable storage for all specialists 
  • Storage for documents in MS Word / PDF format as part of the database 
  • Secure storage

Storage for clinical photographs

Collaboration Tool
  • Photo type recognition 
  • Easy update of the photograph database using the autoload module 
  • Folder structure
Building a team of doctors

The Collaboration Tool helps the chief dentist communicate with doctors more efficiently, structurally, and automatically.

  • Invitation of doctors by email 
  • Single format for setting a clinical task 
  • Possibility to invite external consultants
Clinical task assignment tool

All diagnoses and treatment plans in one place. Convenient sorting, reporting, and tracking of the treatment process for each patient.

All treatments on the same page 

  • Easily controlled treatment process 
  • Deadline tracker
Built-in messenger

Using the Collaboration Tool, doctors can quickly exchange images and remotely involve other specialists to collaborate on a complex clinical case.

  • Secure protocol 
  • Ability to add images to the messages
  • Email notifications for doctors 
  • Mobile push notifications (under development)
AI-driven dental findings assistant

Diagnocat is a dental assistant that increases the number of findings and the chance the patient will start treatment in your clinic 

  • X-ray report based on Diagnocat AI analysis of any type of dental imaging (CBCT, panoramic, and intraoral radiographs) for accurate and complete treatment planning.
  • Color-coded tooth arch 
  • AI-generated dental findings with up to 98% accuracy
  • Graphical and volumetric visualization of periapical lesions with an accuracy of 92.8%
  • Ability to view CBCT images with single-tooth multiplanar views from any device
  • CBCT conversion to 3D STL model with automatic segmentation, in a click of a button.

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Collaboration Tool
collaboration tool
Platform for Comprehensive Treatment Plan Management. Virtual assistant to the dental clinic director in organizing the interaction between specialists to create and successfully implement a comprehensive treatment plan.

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