Diagnocat AI

Personal assistant of every dentist in treatment planning, communications with colleagues and patients

service for storage and processing of dental images using artificial intelligence

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Diagnocat cannot be used for direct diagnosis and clinical decision making. It is an adjunct tool and does not replace the role of the clinician.
Challenges faced by dentists
Patients do not trust doctors, do not understand dental images and medical slang

Diagnocat enables patients to clearly see their dental conditions and involves them in the decision-making process about the forthcoming treatment.

There is little time at the appointment to pay attention to all the conditions in the patient’s oral cavity

Diagnocat in 5 minutes automatically produces image checkup including examination uploading, screening of diagnostic images, saving, sharing, editing and drawing conclusions.

Diagnocat creates a safe space of trust between patient and doctor and helps to motivate the patients to the treatment plan they need
Diagnocat Products

Diagnocat presents a range of solutions tailored to the different needs of your dental practice.

Cloud and viewer
All dental images and reports in your personal account: can be viewed, uploaded, shared or printed from any device, anywhere.
Radiological reports
Clear and accurate radiological reports based on all types of dental images: 3D CBCT, Intraoral/FMX or panorama.
Treatment planning reports
Unique additional automatic reports for planning of endodontic treatment, implantation, surgery.
Automatic segmentation and creation of 3D models for the needs of digital dentistry.
Business Intelligence
Fast and complete analytics through the entire account, all images and all patients.
Sorting by dates, diagnoses, doctors. Export to Excel.
How Diagnocat works
How Diagnocat works
Upload CBCT scans, Full Mouth Series or Panoramic X-rays
Saving data in doctor’s personal account
Neural network highlights anatomical areas, common conditions and previous treatments for each tooth
Diagnocat creates automatic reports for proper documentation, discussion with patients and immediate sharing with your team members

top-class dentists and radiologists

1 000 000

marked and described teeth

2 years

for research and technology


screening accuracy

Created by dentists for dentists
  • Built with the dentist’s optimal workflow in mind
  • Multi-modal – works with CBCT scans, x-rays and even clinical photos!
  • All reports are stored in the cloud and can be viewed on any device
  • Automatic renderings and CBCT panorama reformat
  • Automatic segmentation and creation of 3D models for the needs of digital dentistry – STL
  • Second opinion for self-control (screening for signs of pathology for each tooth)
  • Fast creation of medical records

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