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Why Diagnocat?

Complete AI solution

Diagnocat is only solution capable of offering AI-augmented detection tools for analyzing 2D and 3D images.


Diagnocat detects 30 pathologies in 2D and over 65 on 3D images, effectively serving both pediatric and adult populations.


Diagnocat will increase patient acceptance rates by 25% and reduce diagnostic errors by 30%.

Tailored, AI-powered tools for everyone

Bring your practice to the forefront of innovation with advanced AI technology

Single Practitioners

By facilitating the diagnostic process, Diagnocat can assist dentists in making accurate diagnoses, and streamline the training and integration of new dental professionals, while also fostering patient trust to increase adherence rates to recommended treatment plans.

Multispeciality Clinic and Dental Service Organizations (DSO)

Diagnocat is a comprehensive AI solution that sets a new standard for x-ray image analysis, streamlining initial consultations and optimizing clinic workflows. It facilitates collaboration among specialists, fostering teamwork and supporting established dental organizations or independent centers that contract with multi-specialty practices.

Labs and Diagnostic Centers

Diagnocat offers a fully automated segmentation of DICOM files, specifically CBCT scans, enabling the seamless creation of precise 3D STL models. The platform also allows users to conveniently export STL files into surgical planning software.

Unlock clinic intellization with Diagnocat

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Seamlessly integrate Diagnocat with your dental image software

Diagnocat saves time by automatically uploading your images for efficient review and sharing. This app is designed for Dental Service Organizations, Diagnostic Centers, and Dental Clinics.
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Radiology Report

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Diagnocat’s AI analysis of intraoral X-rays, panoramic X-rays (OPGs), and CBCT images produces an accurate, clear, and concise report of over 65 conditions.

CBCT Segmentation

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Diagnocat AI's automatic segmentation feature transforms CBCT files into a 3D STL model, a pivotal innovation for digital dentistry.

Cloud storage and Viewer

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All dental images and reports are securely stored in your cloud-based personal account, accessible for viewing, uploading, sharing, or printing from any device.

Collaboration Tool*

Collaboration Tool
Introducing Diagnocat’s Platform for Comprehensive Treatment Plan Management that transforms our AI into your virtual dental clinic assistant.

Specialists Reports*

*The availability of Diagnocat products is limited in various countries. Please contact us to check availability in your country.
specialists report
Diagnocat offers a range of specialist reports including the third molar, orthodontic, implantology, and endodontic reports, easily accessible through the platform.


Our superimposition feature offers dental specialists an enhanced view of their patient's oral cavities by combining the advantages of CBCT and intra-oral imagery.



I’ve been using Diagnocat in my practice for the last month or so and I have to say it has really changed the way I do my dentistry. At first I was fairly skeptical about using artificial intelligence as I thought that a computer will never replace the hands-on experience and knowledge we as dentists have acquired- myself for the past 27 years. I suppose it was arrogance on my part but needless to say I was hesitant to use it. That has all changed since I started using Diagnocat and I can honestly say that in the last month I have found it to be extremely useful. What it does for me is really confirm diagnosis. It also highlights any parts that I may have missed in the treatment plan and it gives me a much more thorough examination of Digital Files including DICOM and normal X-ray downloads. The beauty of all of this is that it takes less than 5 minutes in the background while you are talking to the patient. I take a CBCT at the start of the appointment. I thereafter load it into Diagnocat and run the report. This is all done in the background as I am talking to the patient. The report is then displayed on my computer in the surgery. I run through the diagnosis and then explain the different concerns to the patient. My patients are really impressed with the technology.

The file is loaded onto a PDF which is then stored in the patients records digitally. There’s no paperwork required, it can be emailed or shared with another practitioner within the practice and without. It really is a useful tool that I personally see being the industry standard in the next 3-5 years as we all move into the digital era and we all try to be more efficient and better clinicians, better diagnosticians and overall offer our patients a much more efficient and effective treatment plan. I can highly recommend this software and personally I think every dentist should be using Diagnocat.

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Dr. Roy Richard-Huson
Principal Smile Designer, Planner And Surgeon at Silver Oaks Dental Clinic, Durban, South Africa

It is amazing how quickly technology is advancing, and in the medical field it is of utmost importance to keep up with these advancements. 

Diagnoсat is one such technological advancement, with highly accurate AI analysis of dental radiographs. The system is very user-friendly, quick to learn and understand as well as to setup a new patient, upload the radiographs and receive the full analysis.

Since the AI is not influenced by human factors such as the history and area of focus the patient has given, or the cost of treatment, the analysis is impartial and even small dental problems in the beginning phase are picked up, where they may often be missed by the human eye. The practitioner and the patient are provided with clear visual indication of potential problems and can decide together which areas to prioritize in treatment planning.

Many patients are aware of AI playing bigger and bigger roles in everything we do, and are fascinated by the dental application of such a system. It helps in convincing the patient that their treatment is indicated and necessary.

Diagnoсat is a lovely tool to assist the dentist in everyday practice, and with minor adjustments to routine can easily be integrated into the diagnosis and treatment planning phase.

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Dr. Maren Renate Thomson
BChD (UWC), Vice-President, Namibian Dental Association Windhoek, Namibia
Dr. Diogo Viegas
bez imeni11
Jeffry Tobon
President of Designlab Dental, Canada
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Diagnocat AI has transformed the way I approach clinical diagnosis for my patients. I can explain dental conditions with more precision and detail. My patients absolutely love it!

Dr. Beate Müller

Dr. Bence Tamás Szabó
DMD, PhD, Hungary

White Papers

May 27, 2022

Jean-Marc RETROUVEY, Richard Scott CONLEY

July 22, 2021

Matvey Ezhov, Maxim Gusarev, Maria Golitsyna, Julian M. Yates, Evgeny Kushnerev, Dania Tamimi, Secil Aksoy, Eugene Shumilov, Alex Sanders & Kaan Orhan

May 19, 2021

S. K. Bayrakdar, K. Orhan, I. S. Bayrakdar, E. Bilgir, M. Ezhov, M. Gusarev, E. Shumilov

December 18, 2020

K. Orhan, E. Bilgir, I. S.i Bayrakdar, M. Ezhov, M. Gusarev, E. Shumilov

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