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The Diagnocat automated information system is designed for cloud-based storage and processing of digital dental images using artificial intelligence.

Diagnocat has been developed to automate the activities of dental organizations in radiological examinations, including examination uploading, screening of diagnostic images, saving, sharing, editing and drawing conclusions. Diagnocat processes files of any area of the patient’s maxillofacial region.

Diagnocat is designed for use by medical professionals (dentists, orthodontists, radiologists, etc.) for education purposes and highlights anatomical areas, common conditions and previous treatments.

Diagnocat automatically produces radiological reports for easier viewing and documentation of investigation for a particular patient. Diagnocat can also be used by managers and administrators of clinics to document patient treatment history and maintain personal records.

This is a reusable, non-invasive device for image processing and documentation.

The Software cannot be used to make a decision about the diagnosis, presence or absence of a disease on the basis of the online screening, without additional investigation.

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