Unleashing the Power of AI in Dentistry: Stand Out in Today's Competitive Market

Webinar for dentists and managers of dental clinics

March, 7
18.00-19.00 (CET)

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What you will learn at the webinar:
  • Overview of the current state of the dental market and the challenges dentists face in standing out from the competition
    Introduction to AI technology and its potential applications in dentistry
  • How AI can help dentists streamline processes and reduce costs, ultimately benefiting both their practice and their patients
  • Case studies and examples of successful implementation of AI in dental practices
  • Discussion of the ethical implications of using AI in dentistry and how to ensure that patient privacy and autonomy are protected
  • Q&A session with the presenter to address specific questions and concerns from attendees
For all questions regarding participation, please, contact our representatives in the regions:
North America
[email protected]
All other countries
[email protected]

Dr Alex Sanders PHD Prosthodontics

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