We are proud to share some updates about  Diagnocat’s capabilities for analyzing 2D and 3D images!

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Updated: May 23, 2024
Published: May 23, 2024

Diagnocat’s AI is designed to tackle challenges that are unique to the dental field. Our algorithms prioritize accuracy and speed, enabling swift identification of the patient’s issue, prediction of potential complications, and suggestions of optimal treatment options.

We are known for award-winning technology in analyzing dental CBCT images, yet we also acknowledge the significance of 2D diagnostics in daily medical practice. In response to customer feedback, we have been actively working to enhance our capabilities.

Here are some exciting improvements:

Updates to 2D Diagnostic Features

  • Introduction of a new model for detecting pathologies on FMX-images and panoramic images (OPTG) that determines the degree of involvement and surfaces affected by caries.
  • Improved automatic localization and numbering of teeth on panoramic images even in challenging scenarios.
  • Enhanced ability to accurately identify and number teeth on FMX-images, even when they are taken at oblique angles, are of poor quality, or are cropped.

Updates to 3D diagnostics features

  • Introduction of an improved model of segmenting periapical radiolucency on CBCT.
  • Addition of pulp segmentation in the STL report, allowing for a more thorough study of root canal morphology to make endodontic treatment more predictable.

What’s Next?

Looking ahead, Diagnocat is set to roll out another unique feature — detailed localization of pathologies on intraoral radiography. The new model will do more than just indicate the presence of a condition — it will generate a mask that clearly outlines the boundaries of the pathology! Keep an eye out for this update.


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