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Diagnocat relieves the patient from doubts. This analysis gives you a report on each tooth. This makes all doubts disappear. You can clearly see what is happening to the teeth. All the doctor has to do is explain the stages of treatment that the patient will go through.

You can check for disorders that the doctor missed when consulting and viewing CBCT images on their own. It makes recording of the healing of apical processes convenient. In our children’s department at Dental Fantasy, we often offer the parents of young patients to order a CBCT and immediately get a consultation with an artificial intelligence.

Diagnocat is a doctor’s control tool focusing on each tooth separately. The endodontic report is really cool. When loaded quickly, this produces a wow effect during a consultation and a convenient report for the patient.

Periapical lesions, as well as dental and root canal pathologies involves gathering as much information as possible. Key tools to successful treatment planning are the appropriate radiographic techniques and accurate diagnosis. Diagnocat supports me as a dentist for the diagnosis of the patients. I advise all dentists to use this Artificial Intelligence software for their daily routine practice.

Diagnocat is an independent expert in a controversial situation, since it is not always possible to invite another doctor for an objective assessment. There are patients who are impressed by artificial intelligence.

For me, Diagonocat is an absolutely revolutionary tool. It allows dentists to make X-ray diagnostics very fast and accurately. For me, such tools that allow not only to treat, but also to carry out correct and predictable diagnostics – it is the future.

The speed of analysis, the additional control that you have and the impartiality of the opinion of artificial intelligence for the patient.

I’ve been using Diagnocat software for weeks, and I have to say I’ve had a great impression. The use of the software is intuitive, simple, fast and the download of the generated report doesn’t create any problems. And the visualizations are of excellent quality. This concerns both the endodontic part and the implantation, which I found particularly useful and very easy to interpret. Very good rendering of STL files, which are useful in both orthodontics and On Lei block design to increase the vertical ridge, as well as the ability to isolate teeth for initial orthopedic designs in the rehabilitation we carry out daily.

It is convenient for me to immediately assess the alignment of the crown and root, and to estimate the volume of bone tissue available for moving each tooth.

I’m using Diagnocat for almost a year,and what seemed like science fiction,became an inseparable part of my daily work with CBCT scans. Diagnocat allows me to provide better, more precise diagnoses,even at the end of a long and hard workday, improves the dental treatment I provide and empowers me professionally, in the eyes of my patients and my colleagues alike. Working with Diagnocat every day, I see new and interesting abilities appear,and I think this is a real revolution,taking dental diagnosis and CBCT interpretation to the 21st century. I wish Diagnocat continued growth and success. Your success is our success.

In addition to the convenience in detecting disorders, Diagnocat helps with filling in an examination report. And it is interesting for patients to look through the report together with the doctors!

I’ve had only positive emotions from working with Diagnocat, an artificial intelligence that helps to quickly and efficiently analyze computed tomograms, orthopantomograms and intraoral images. Patient consultations have really been taken to another level.

I use the online Diagnocat software for my CBCT analysis. It is the best software that gives you accurate reports regarding your case. We are very happy to use that software and prefer it to all.

Diagnocat reduces the time X-ray examination takes and simplifies it. Provided that the data is loaded quickly, it helps at the initial consultation. Some of the patients are amazed!

We recently started analyzing Computed Tomography CT using artificial intelligence. This procedure simplifies and shortens the diagnostic process. Whereas previously a doctor could sit for a long time and examine the CT and be in doubt, we now have the help of an artificial intelligence. It assists us in analyzing and planning treatment quickly and accurately. It’s great!

Rapid diagnosis, ease of visualization for the patient, convenience of analysis of periapical changes over time and a wow effect for patients. Diagnocat is integrated with our information system, so the dental formula is filled in automatically.

Artificial intelligence allows me to make a detailed description of all disorders and previously treated teeth in 1 or 2 minutes. I show this report to the patient, make a correction, confirm the diagnoses and then send it all to the patient. They will be able to study the report at home, assess the scale of treatment and ask any questions they may have.

The potential of the new diagnostic instruments is impressive! The Diagnocat artificial intelligence now processes some of the tomography information for me and checks all the teeth for problems. That means that the probability of missing an abnormality is reduced to zero. Of course, this does not mean that artificial intelligence is replacing clinical thinking, but it takes over routine processes and allows us to concentrate on orthodontic diagnostics more. Optical facial scans can now be generated using mobile apps, which makes diagnostics and imaging more informative. The presentation and graphical tools allow for high-quality data structuring, treatment planning and interaction with the patient.

I use it during every consultation: it is quick, convenient, and clear for the patient. It is very easy to communicate with colleagues, because you can always send a PDF report.

At a consultation that involves Diagnocat, it is easier and faster to show existing problems to the patient by simply clicking on the affected tooth. This is a great advantage of course! And many patients find that it is easy to discuss the problems that they have with their family with this kind of report.

Using artificial intelligence does not completely replace the doctor. In any case, the doctor must make an independent and individual assessment. However, artificial intelligence significantly increases the speed of diagnostics, provides detail and gives much more information for a detailed consultation.

The software quickly detects even the smallest periapical lesions, which can only be noticed after a detailed examination of each tooth. Therefore, the treatment plan can be easily announced immediately, without any additional reservations after the consultation.

Treatment planning for dental and root canal diseases involves gathering as much information as possible and requires careful examination. Diagnocat helps me to gather fast and accurate diagnosis and decision support for teeth and surrounding pathologies. Moreover, it helps me to evaluate the condition of the jaws within seconds. I advise all dentists to use this Artificial Intelligence software for their daily routine practice.

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