About Us

The future is here!
We believe that AI will be a most valued assistant to the dental professional and the most reliable friend to the patient!

Diagnocat was created by dentists looking to the future. The founders of Diagnocat have a close connection with the dental profession, as well as the unique knowledge and education to create and realize the potential of AI.

Extensive engineering

Extensive engineering and overarching dental expertise are behind Diagnocat, providing the basis for each diagnosis and treatment plan.

State-of-the-art evaluations

Diagnocat helps dental professionals provide state-of-the-art evaluations and case appropriate treatment plans. The world’s best dental clinics use our products.


What Makes Us Unique?

Technology expertise​

Diagnocat AI analysis serves as a second opinion of an independent expert and creates a safe space of trust between patient and doctor.

Continuous Development

Diagnocat reports with a detailed description of each tooth can be easily understood even by non-professionals. That is a unique way to provide the patients with their diagnostic assessment results.

Time-tested Experience

Fully automatic segmentation allows to visualize anatomic features and demonstrate it to patients.

It helps patients to connect their oral cavity conditions and necessary treatment plan.

CEO’S Message​

I`m Alex Sanders, a dentist and founder of the Fantasy Medical Group. Diagnocat has been designed by me to make a dental world diagnostics and treatment planning error-free
I am grateful for your interest in Diagnocat! So what is AI Diagnocat and why do you need it?

Diagnocat is a cloud service based on artificial intelligence. It analyzes an extensive number of dental images while supporting the dental professionals serving their patients. Diagnocat can make a complete analysis in just 5 minutes, it focuses on the patient’s problems and then suggests a diagnosis to the dental professional, with an accuracy of over 90%. The patient receives a second opinion from an independent expert and better understands that treatment is necessary

Diagnocat helps to:

I suggest you try Diagnocat. You will have free access to the program for 7 days. This is definitely enough time for you to understand – has your life and your patients’ lives improved or nothing has changed! See it in action, upload images and get Diagnocat AI suggestions!

Let’s stay ahead of the trends together and create the future of dentistry today!

Benefit from Diagnocat

The results were obtained from pilot studies in multiple Dental Studio clinics (over 20,000 patients in 2019-2020)


more disorders are detected with Diagnocat


turnover per new patient

+10 min

Creating AI-based solutions is not only about technical ingenuity, but also about being attentive to customer needs.extra for consultation

How Diagnocat AI works

Seamless integration between your images and Diagnocat’s AI detection reports

Clinical Decision Support

Leading edge AI highlights anatomical areas, common findings and previous treatments for each individual tooth, checking for over 65 conditions


Diagnocat produces automatic AI-based reports resulting in improved quality control, proper file documentation and immediate presentation to your patient


Diagnocat provides 24/7 access to the images and the AI reports from any device

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