Breaking paradigms: When AI meets Dentistry

Webinar 24th March 2023

18.00-19.00 (CET)

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Artificial intelligence is a technology that uses machines to mimic intelligent human behavior. A subdomain of AI is machine learning (ML) works with intrinsic statistical patterns to cast predictions on unseen data. On the other hand deep learning is a ML technique that uses mathematical operations for learning and inferring on complex data. I-based applications will streamline care, relieving the dental workforce from routine tasks, increasing health at lower costs for a broader population, and eventually facilitate customized, predictive, and preventive dentistry.

This webinar will discuss the following topics:
  • Understand how AI works and subtypes;
  • Impact of AI in Dentistry;
  • AI screening and operator negligence. How far can we see?;
  • Which areas of interest can be optimized?;
  • Benefits for creating the “digital patient”;
  • Bone segmentation;
  • Fusion technique and it’s applications;
  • Diagnocat platform. Automatic, Open and Collaborative tool.

Professor Dr.Diogo Viegas
Faculty of Dental Medicine of Lisbon

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