CEO’S Message

I`m Alex Sanders, a dentist and founder of the Fantasy Medical Group. Diagnocat has been designed by me to make a dental world diagnostics and treatment planning error-free

I am grateful for your interest in Diagnocat! So what is AI Diagnocat and why do you need it?

Diagnocat is a cloud service based on artificial intelligence. It analyzes an extensive number of dental images while supporting the dental professionals serving their patients. Diagnocat can make a complete analysis in just 5 minutes, it focuses on the patient’s problems and then suggests a diagnosis to the dental professional, with an accuracy of over 90%. The patient receives a second opinion from an independent expert and better understands that treatment is necessary

Diagnocat helps to:

  • Make your dental diagnosis as complete and accurate as possible 
    change professionals to provider
  • Provide comfort to the patient, allowing treatment to begin.
  • Provides the dental professional both time and economic improvements.

I suggest you try Diagnocat. You will have free access to the program for 7 days. This is definitely enough time for you to understand – has your life and your patients’ lives improved or nothing has changed! See it in action, upload images and get Diagnocat AI suggestions!

Let’s stay ahead of the trends together and create the future of dentistry today!

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